We Found People to Teach!

November 14, 2016 Hey all, We finally did it. We have an investigator with a baptismal date. S____ was referred to us by her friend, who attends our ward. She had attended the ward trunk-or-treat activity, and absolutely loved it. We all had dinner at her friend's house, and afterwards shared the message of the Restoration … Continue reading We Found People to Teach!

Another Quiet Week in Plymouth

November 7, 2016 Hey all, Just another quiet week in Plymouth. We had a card tournament last p-day (Halloween), which I won. I was pretty satisfied with that. This week in Stake Conference, Elder Dudley of the Seventy was presiding. He talked about many things, but the overarching theme was Joy. It was definitely something … Continue reading Another Quiet Week in Plymouth

A Slow Week in Plymouth

October 31, 2016 Hey all, This week's update is short, because next to nothing happened regarding the work. We had one lesson with an inactive member, but everything else fell through, unfortunately. We did have some pretty good meals with some members though! I neglected to take any pictures, but the Larsen family in our … Continue reading A Slow Week in Plymouth