Good Stuff

December 19, 2016

Hey all,

This week was amazing! On Tuesday, we had a Zone Conference, after which we had the opportunity to serve in the Boston Temple for 5 hours. We performed every ordinance that can be performed in the temple. I did baptisms for the dead for the first time in nearly 6 years, and this time, I had authority to baptize. President Miller was the recorder while I performed baptisms, which was pretty cool.

On Wednesday, we got to teach A______ at Bishop Young’s home. His son, Noah, just returned from a mission, and we got to teach with him. It was so nice to have a member present who was so recently a missionary! We had a great lesson, and A_____ will be baptized on January 21st. We found out later that she had made the determination to be baptized before we even met her. She had been reading the Book of Mormon on her phone before we even gave her a copy!

Later in the week, we stopped by the E____’s, a former investigator family. They kindly invited us in, and we shared a message about Christ’s service during his ministry. They told us missionaries had not visited in 2 years, and they had no idea why, so they agreed to hear the lessons again.

On Friday, our District leader counseled everybody in the district to stop visiting stagnant investigators (people who are happy to have missionaries over but have no desire to progress and keep commitments). In areas that are really slow, it can be so hard for missionaries to stop visiting these people.

There’s a sense of security in holding onto eternal investigators, because you know they will keep inviting you back, and you just hope in the back of your mind that something will click this time. It’s sorta like how you never want to tell a girl that you really like how you feel, because in your head it’s more secure to just not know if she likes you back than the possibility of being rejected.

Well, everybody did it. We all started the week with nobody in our teaching pool, but Cape Cod now has 5 investigators, we have 3, Martha’s Vinyard has 1, and I believe Brewster has 1. It can be pretty ominous to have an empty teaching pool, but at the same time it can be so refreshing. A new horizon. Not nearly as many disappointing doorbells. Miracles are everywhere to be found when you follow the counsel of leaders!

Fun life stuff: We tried to pan sear burgers in our apartment, but the beef was really fatty, and it smoked a ton. The smoke alarm went off, and the apartment STILL smells like burnt food. They tasted good though.

Anyway, we are super excited for Christmas! We are spending the day at a member’s home, and will be in pajamas after church. Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Elder Shull

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