A Slow Week in Plymouth

October 31, 2016

Hey all,

This week’s update is short, because next to nothing happened regarding the work. We had one lesson with an inactive member, but everything else fell through, unfortunately.

We did have some pretty good meals with some members though! I neglected to take any pictures, but the Larsen family in our ward took us out for Portuguese food in their incredibly fancy BMW 750 with all the bells and whistles. We had grilled Octopus, and Brother L_____ knew the owner personally, so he had us try his homemade cheese. The L_____s also invited their friends J___ and G___, who were great company.

We also had the change to go to lunch with a member named J___. He absolutely loves taking missionaries out for meals, and apparently taking pictures with them. (I have shared the pictures with my mother, who will post them on my blog. This computer doesn’t do well sending them through email.) Other than the fact that a good razor no longer makes my face look completely stubble-free, I quite liked the pictures! For a cell phone camera, they looked great. He let me sit in his old school mini cooper, which was about the coolest thing ever.  He is very nice!

Like I said, not much happened this week. Hoping to find some people to teach in the coming week.

Best, Elder Shull



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