Another Quiet Week in Plymouth

November 7, 2016

Hey all,

Just another quiet week in Plymouth. We had a card tournament last p-day (Halloween), which I won. I was pretty satisfied with that.
This week in Stake Conference, Elder Dudley of the Seventy was presiding. He talked about many things, but the overarching theme was Joy. It was definitely something I needed. He emphasized that the Book of Mormon can bring us joy, and I have definitely found that to be true. I came home one day feeling absolutely depressed, one of those days where you wonder why you’re even on a mission. I cracked open the book of Jacob, and not only found happiness there, but direction as to what I need to do to improve as a missionary.
We had an eternal investigator who wanted to hear from a general authority in person, and we were excited to take him to this. but HE WOULDN’T GO. “um no…… it’s on Sunday…” was his only reason. Pretty frustrating to give somebody an opportunity they asked for, and they won’t take it. Sometimes I swear I feel like a parent…
We went on exchanges with our Zone Leaders in Brockton this week, which is well-known within the mission as the best area for teaching. Using the same approach we use in Plymouth, we found a new investigator who is ready to be baptized, as well as 9 other new investigators in one day. It felt nice to be able to do some teaching and have that encouragement.
The past week has been rough, but we are making some changes to our approach in the area, and we have faith that it will work out. That’s the report for the week. I can honestly say that I think something good is going to happen this week!
Elder Shull

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