We Found People to Teach!

November 14, 2016

Hey all,

We finally did it. We have an investigator with a baptismal date. S____ was referred to us by her friend, who attends our ward. She had attended the ward trunk-or-treat activity, and absolutely loved it. We all had dinner at her friend’s house, and afterwards shared the message of the Restoration of the Gospel. BUT… before we even taught any doctrine, we felt very strongly that we should invite her to prepare to be baptized… and she said yes! We were astounded. So, we are now helping her prepare to be baptized on December 17th.
We also received a media referral for the first time since I’ve been in Plymouth. D_____ requested a Bible on LDS.org, so we went to visit. He also accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, and we are going back tonight to share the message of the Restoration. We are hoping for the best.
We had a Zone Conference on Friday, after which I had a chance to talk with President Miller’s wife for about half an hour. I really needed that. Everybody needs a little “mission mom” time every once in a while. The past few weeks have been so draining, and talking with her made me feel like I was a good missionary. She is really nice, and I think we have very similar personalities.
This area is teaching me that no amount of work on my part will hasten the Lord’s work any faster than He intends for it to go. I have found through experience that there is almost zero correlation between how hard you work and how many investigators you have. I used to think “If we work hard enough, eventually we will find somebody.” I was unknowingly falling into the age old trap of faith vs. works. I had convinced myself that works generate investigators. Yes, diligence is important, but you also have to have the faith to ask where to look, and the faith not to find people and still keep going. That has been a real struggle for me. Sometimes I come home at the end of the day, completely out of ideas, wondering why I’m even out here. I guess we might have figured it out, because the past week seemed to be the start of a reversal of our fortunes.
We find out about who is getting transferred on Friday. Elder Evans has been here for 4.5 months, and this is his first area, so my guess is that he will be sent somewhere new. Poor guy hasn’t even had the chance to teach a second lesson to the same person yet. It would be nice for him to get a chance to get more teaching experience. Plus, that would be consistent with my prediction that I will have a new companion every transfer of my mission.
Until next week, I bid you all adieu.
Elder Shull

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