Estoy muy ocupado (or…I’m Very Busy)

September 12, 2016 Dear Shull Family, P day is very oddly scheduled this week, so I will only be able to send this one message and no pictures. I will take a ton for next week though! The work has been nuts this week. We received so many referrals. I truly know that the amount … Continue reading Estoy muy ocupado (or…I’m Very Busy)

Hola, from the Springfield Spanglish Elders!

September 5, 2016 Dear friends and Family, Last week we had transfers, and we are now the Springfield Spanglish Elders! Elder Hill is from Mapleton, Utah, but he will tell you he's from Guatemala. He is my Spanish speaking counterpart. Good thing I took Spanish in high school, I have to use it a lot. … Continue reading Hola, from the Springfield Spanglish Elders!