Still Out Here in Cambridge!

June 5, 2017

Hey all,

It’s raining for the 3rd consecutive preparation day, which sucks. But that’s okay! We’ve found several new people to teach over the past few weeks. I’ll have more to say about them when we get to teach them more.

I’m willing to bet most people, even members of our Church, think we have a much higher rate of baptizing investigators than we actually do. Most people end up deciding to stop investigating, either by telling you they aren’t interested, or by dodging your phone calls. I can’t think of another job where you are more likely to hear “you have reached the voice mailbox of 555-555-5555. Please leave a message,” than a missionary. Lately, we’ve had very good luck though! We’ve found a lot of Haitian people who are interested in learning about the Church.

Salem Visitors Center

We had a special proselyting opportunity on Sunday. Our mission has what we call portable visitor’s centers (PVCs), a collection of different banners and iPads with information about the Church. The PVCs are often set up at events like fairs and conventions. We had the opportunity to work at an Interfaith festival in Salem, and distributed about 20 copies of the Book of Mormon, as well as several other materials. We ended up with 1 person who was interested in learning more about the church from the Missionaries.

I also finished reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover at the end of May. I read it in 2 months, which amounted to about 10 pages a day with room for error. It was a really good experience. I’m always surprised just how much the book really does talk about why Jesus is so important.

People always want to know more about my day-to-day life as a missionary, but it’s all so routine for me that I never think to write about it. If there’s anything specific you want me to talk about, let me know!

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