Wicked Hot

May 22, 2017

Hey all,

The sun finally decided to peek out last week in Cambridge, and brought with it some insane heat and humidity. I managed to forget that you’re supposed to wear sunscreen outside, considering it’s normally so cloudy, so my face is pretty pink right now. What’s worse, it’s supposed to rain and be cloudy ALL THIS WEEK, starting with my day off.

I understand why people are so characteristically rude here now. Most days, for one reason or another, I feel a strong urge to curse the entire darned state of Massachusetts for afflicting me. If only the pilgrims had gone the other way around the world, they would have found a place that’s nice year round. Oh well.

We’ve started to find people to teach, something that happened very slowly during the winter months. Nobody is happy when it’s cold and rainy/snowy. We see so many more people now. We’ve picked up a few random people to teach. Inevitably a few of them will decide to stop investigating, but that’s okay. It would be silly to expect a 100% success rate.

Elder Crandall and I are going to try to do cool stuff every P-day from here on out, rather than just hanging out at the church doing nothing with other missionaries. We should have some cool pictures in the coming weeks.

Elder Shull

Note from Mom:  Spencer’s new companion loves to take pictures, which means I love him!  I was shocked to see how many of these pictures show Spencer on the phone.  1) Being a district leader must be a big change for him in many ways and apparently one where he is well…leading a lot. And 2) It was jarring to see him with a phone in his hand considering that we have only gotten to speak with him a couple of times.  We are so happy that he has really taken to his new calling and has found it so meaningful.  Spencer always takes things seriously, but this has brought him real joy and I think that it has surprised him a great deal.

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