New Companion, Same ol’ Cloudy Cambridge

May 15, 2017

Hey all,

Elder Crandall is most definitely already in my list of favorite companions. It’s almost like we were friends in high school. We like to talk about all of the same things, and we even do good work together.

We started off the transfer by emptying ourselves of our old service projects. Many of them had been going on for several years, and we felt it was time for a change. A word to future missionaries: please, please, please follow the handbook guidelines and avoid getting involved in volunteer work that is difficult to discontinue. I hated to make people sad by saying we weren’t going to be going any more.

Now, we didn’t just get rid of service projects to have an empty schedule. Volunteering in the community is a very important part of our work, and we love to do it. We are going to begin working with “brown bag,” a volunteer organization in Somerville that puts together bags of groceries for seniors that can’t afford them. We’ve also reached out to a group that helps clean up parks around our area.

We went on a companion exchange (a day where you work with a different missionary than usual) from Friday to Saturday night. We walked all over Somerville, sharing cards and copies of the Book of Mormon. We found a few people that were interested, but they lived outside of our area, so we sent their contact info to the missionaries in that area. That’s usually how work goes out here. Most of the people we start teaching were found by other missionaries.

We also happened upon “porch festival,” a Saturday in May where local rock bands play music outside people’s houses all throughout Cambridge. We heard some pretty crappy bands as we were trying to proselyte, but there were a few that sounded pretty good. One sounded like a band I like called “an endless sporadic.”

The district of 6 missionaries that I lead had a great week! We all put forth all of our effort to find new people to teach, and we collectively now have 3 new investigators, and 1 person who has decided to be baptized. We are in high spirits, and it’s only upward from here.

Love you all!

Elder Shull

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