Further Training…

Hey all!
First off, thanks so much for all the birthday wishes and gifts. I was overwhelmed with food, and that made everyone happy.  It was great to know that you haven’t forgotten me!  I appreciate you all, and I hope to be able to thank each of you soon.
The MTC has just been so crazy that I can hardly remember everything that has happened. Elder Davis and I were made zone leaders. (Mom Note: a zone leader is responsible for supervising district leaders, who are then responsible for supervising many missionaries.  In business speak, he is in middle management).
I have taught 4 practice investigators so far, and one of them committed to be baptized! I was so happy when he made the decision, and I knew it wasn’t because I was successful. I was happy because I knew that his decision would make his life so much better.

I can’t seem to get my computer to work with my camera yet, so these pictures are ones taken by friends.



Elder Shull with his companion Elder Davis


Jedi Training

(Mom Note: With few details provided, we can deduce from these images that either the MTC has added Jedi arts to missionary training, or, more likely, the missionaries watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks show and were also given glow sticks.  I imagine this picture was taken on the fourth of July.)
I really wish I could respond to all of your letters and emails, but I only get an hour a week to read and write emails, and we are otherwise just so busy!  If you send me letters through the mail — yes that is still a thing — I can read them as I receive them.
I leave for Boston next Tuesday at like 3 am, and so after that date I will have a new mailing address:
182 W Central St Ste 203
Natick MA 01760
United States
182 W Central St Ste 203
Natick MA 01760
United States
I miss you all and wish you the best.
Elder Shull
(Another Mom Note: Yes.  My son is brief.  I used to admire his ability to write so succinctly. Maybe not so much anymore.  I will “encourage” him (bully is probably too strong a word) to write in more detail!  As he is going to Boston on the day he is supposed to write, next week’s letter may be delayed.)

One thought on “Further Training…

  1. Grandpa and I are so pleased you are settling in to your calling. What a wonderful opportunity this next two years will be.
    We thought about you on your birthday and hope the extra in your birthday card will be used for furthering your work and bring joy to you.
    We are both doing well. It’s hot but nothing like you will begin experiencing tomorrow!
    We will be so happy following your blog knowing you will keep us up to date on your experiences.
    Neither one of us is that great about writing, but we’ll let you know how us old folks are doing.
    Grandpa is just working away as usual and I’m working on our geneology. It’s so cool to learn about our ancestors and their lives.
    Well my dear, we love you so much and know you will do well as long as you are humble and serve faithfully. We know you will.

    Grandma and Grandpa


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