Welcome to the Army of God

Dear family and friends,

The MTC has been a crazy place.  When I was shuttled through different buildings to be given materials, I was met by a sister who placed a tag on my jacket and told me, “Welcome to the army of God, Elder Shull.” It still doesn’t feel real sometimes. My first day was very emotional, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay. But I had faith in God, and pressed forward, believing that He truly provides a way for us to keep his commandments and do everything he asks. The very next day, I had adjusted.
My teacher, Sister Linford, told us that we would be teaching her as if she were an investigator, and that she would be acting as an investigator that she had taught named Karen. (At this point, I had no idea where she had served.)  As she went on describing Karen, she told us that Karen had been fellowshipped by her boyfriend Corbyn, and at that point it hit me that this Karen was the soon to be Mrs. Coffin! I was so happy to make that connection.
–Mom Interruption–

Christian got this text message from our great friend Corbyn Coffin:”The Sister in the picture is one of the Sister Missionaries that taught Karen and she works at the MTC now. She was telling Karen’s conversion story and Spencer said “that sounds familiar I think I know her.” So she took a picture with him and sent it to us.”

Carrie Shull's photo.

–End of Mom interruption–

My companion Elder Davis and I work together very well. He knows so much about the Gospel and has such a great desire to serve and love others. We have a lot of fun with our district, sometimes maybe too much fun. But we all will be good missionaries if we work hard.
One thing that I have learned is to be exact in the things that are exact. We wake up exactly at 6:30, and go to bed exactly at 10:30. this helps us be focused on our work. It has been amazing how easy it is to feel the spirit without distractions of cell phones, TV, and even music. I always have a song in my heart. My roommates, Elders Davis, Fochtman, Hilbig, and I sing the more march-like hymns almost like navy jody calls. Ye Elders of Israel, Battle Hymn of the Republic, and Called to Serve are favorites. They tell me they have some shenanigans planned for my birthday on Friday.
I have so many funny stories already, but I can hardly remember them at this time. As they come to me, I will make sure to share them.
I can read emails any day in the MTC, but can only write on Tuesdays, on P-day. Please, email me at spencer.shull@myldsmail.net before Tuesday so I can read emails beforehand, and then I can spend my entire hour replying. For packages and letters, my mailing address while at the MTC (until july 19) is:
Elder Spencer Shull
2005 N 900 E Unit 216
Provo UT 84602
And there is a service called DearElder that will print your typed letter and get it to me ASAP, if you want to do that. It is free to the MTC.
I miss you all very much, but not more than I want to be out here doing the Work.
Elder Shull

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